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Monday, July 20, 2009

Vision interrupted ...

Maybe this is what everyone goes through: Your company lures you in with the promise of training, and the budget and time required to complete it, only to cap you to the point of getting such inadequate, minimal training as to not make almost any difference whatsoever to your skill base.

*sigh* *harrumph* *sigh*

What that actually translates into for me at my job is sneaking around, "training on the sly" when lag times arrive in my 8-5. (Or 8-6, or 8-7 ...) I'm actually trying to get in additional hours of skill, because we're capped at 16 hours of training for any sort of professional conference or training per year.


So without holidays, if we worked 40 hours a week, 52 weeks a year, that's 2080 hours of which 16 are reserved for betterment. Are you kidding me? That works out to be an hour of training every three weeks. If it were my organization, I'd be a little more proactive about pushing my employees through the education turnstile.

Witness the U.S. Department of Labor's first objective in their "Strategic Plan for Fiscal Years 2006 - 2011": Goal 1, "Develop a prepared workforce by providing effective training and support services to new and incumbent workers and supplying high-quality information on the economy and labor market."
Word up, Elaine L. Chao, secretary of labor.

Anyhow, I was saving my company mucho dollars by getting myself enrolled in three weeks worth of free art classes, in order to follow through on my previous post about wanting to appreciate and create layout and design more. Well, sorry vision. You can show up, just not on company time ...

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