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Friday, August 13, 2010

Hacks and Hackers: a match made in Information-Age heaven

Networking does pay off: Through our SFDebate at the Commonwealth Club, I was introduced to a friend who was also part of another Meetup group, Hacks and Hackers.

I couldn't believe what I read on the description: "The worlds of hackers and journalists are coming together as reporting goes digital and Internet companies become media empires." Dear god! Someone's heard the answer to my frustrated cries of asynchronization!

I joined in January this year and every event has been a leap forward in the way I think about the content-technology creation and delivery process, not to mention the beautiful interplay that can happen when you take all the best people of two disciplines and throw them together under one little start-up roof. Team A puts together really fast little vehicles that look and function sweetly, and Team B fills the vehicle with the kind of quality conversation that changes lives and turns daunting journeys into nostalgic road trips.

Or at least, that's what could happen if we move from mere meetings to partnerships :)

So far, I've attended three Meetups, all at three really stellar little SOMA loft spaces: Freshout, a space "pioneering disruptive ideas on the web," Parisoma and Kicklabs. Names?
  • Facebook and the news: Making journalism social
  • Can the semantic Web make journalism smarter?
  • Hacks and Hackers: The future of personalized news

Thanks Burt Herman, organizer of Hacks and Hackers. You've made the bridge I've been looking to cross for awhile now.


Burt said...


Thank you for being part of the community and attending the events! And yes, I agree about moving beyond meeting to finding partners to collaborate is something that we want to have happen. I'm going to start incorporating more potential ways to do that at future events.


L'Elefont said...

Burt! You're the bomb. Thanks for helping to transform these conversations into partnerships.