"To see what is in front of one's nose needs a constant struggle." -George Orwell

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

L’Éléfont never forgets

1. Which one of the following statements is true? The idea for L’Éléfont came from:

a) The need for a media history lesson to remember that the industry is not dying

b) A little paint peeling from a cement wall that resembled an elephant

c) The irresistible urge to use the pun "éléfont" repeatedly

d) The need for an old dog to learn new tech tricks like the shortcut key for é and how to write a potentially everlasting blog without permanently damaging said dog's reputation

e) A cheap and easy way to post higher on Google's search engine when employers and universities look up my name

f) All of these

If you said "f," it's because I framed the question that way. If you said, "Je ne comprends pas," welcome to L’Éléfont.

1 comment:

billy said...

and given the layout, it's l'éléfont rose ... and i approve